Wireless ReverseMyFees Account

Best Wireless ReverseMyFees Account Providers


Reverse My Fees enhanced payment processing towards a wireless technology provide the user with a comprehensive and feasible solution so only our company is one of the best wireless ReverseMyFees account providers. The wireless credit card machines provided by our company, enable you to accept and finalize credit card transactions where a telephone line is not available. Service calls, deliveries, and cab fares can now be charged to a credit card without having to wait days for confirmation after the transaction has been completed.  Our Wireless Solutions allow ReverseMyFeess to use their own ReverseMyFees account to approach via wireless devices, via phone, or via laptop. Wireless ReverseMyFees accounts are most frequently used by card-present mobile ReverseMyFeess, but they also support mail/phone order entry via their keypad (cards do not have to be swiped to be processed).

“Card Present” simply means that at least some sizeable percentage of your business is done face-to-face with your customers so you can “swipe” or “slide” the card through the terminal. Card swiping always offers the lowest rates from a per-transaction point of view. But when it comes to monthly fees Laptop/Virtual Terminal ReverseMyFees account solutions offer lower monthly fees. Since we are an emerging online ReverseMyFees account provider our online Payment processing Software offers affordable options for online and retail ReverseMyFees accounts.


Benefits of Wireless ReverseMyFees Account

    * Minimize processing costs because of your “swiping” cards outside of your office.

* Fewer chances for fraudulent transactions.

* Time-consuming than manually inputting credit card numbers.

* A high-level standard of security for credit card information.


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Our success is dependent on the success of our customers who demand only the highest quality and service. We provide simple and easy to use solutions for today’s challenging business applications. And as a New York best wireless ReverseMyFees account providers, we realized that the key to success in today’s rapidly changing business arena is by staying one step forward, which is why Reverse My Fees is committed to leveraging new and emerging technologies wherever possible. Reverse My Fees is one among the best New York’s ReverseMyFees account providers  it has a nationwide credit card ReverseMyFees account processing network that operates through various processing banks to provide retail ReverseMyFees accounts with reliable service.

Wireless ReverseMyFees Account Rates

The following lists our Internet and Ecommerce ReverseMyFees account rates where transactions will be processed from a website
ServiceIndustry Average
Wireless Discount Rate
Wireless Transaction/Batch Fee
25 ¢19 ¢
Monthly Service/Support/Statement Fee
$10 - $15$9.95
Other Fees (most clients do not experience these fees):
ServiceIndustry Average
Voice Authorization Fee
Note: only charged if you call the 800voice auth line to authorize a transaction.


(corporate & international)

+ 3%
+ 1.29%
Chargeback / Retrieval Fee
Note: only charged if your customer disputes a charge. In practice this rarely happens.
ACH Reject Fee
Note: only charged if you lack funds in your bank account to cover credit card fees or debits.
Most other providers will try to charge you the following fees. We do not!
ServiceIndustry Average
Annual Fee
up to $195Up to $99.95
Application Fee
$75 - $125$0
Setup Fee
$50 - $150$0
Programming Fee
$50 - $95$0
Monthly Maintenance Fee
$0 - $10$0
Checking Account Change Fee
Overlimit Fee
Authorize.net Gateway Setup
$99 - $299$25
Authorize.net Transaction Fee
10 ¢10 ¢
JPOS Retail Swipe Software
$175 - $395$0
Check-by-phone/fax PC software
Web Shopping Cart
American Express Setup
$25 - $50$0