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Provide your clients with a full service solution by adding payment processing, plus bring in additional revenue at NO COST for you.Reverse My Fees offers a special program for software developers and POS integrators. We will help your business expand services without any additional investment. Offer our solutions as another revenue source or provide it free to improve client retention. Reverse My Fees has instant approvals and experienced (average industry tenure is 4 years) partner and ReverseMyFees support. We deliver through personalized relationship management by professionals who understand your business.

Expand without investment

The Reverse My Fees Gateway API and development kit is free
Integration support is provided to you at no cost

Improve your efficiency and add revenue

Use our solutions to boost sales revenue
Tailor our services to meet your needs
Complete installation and support services 24/7

Straightforward integration into your system(s)

Integration support is provided to you every step of the way
Add peripherals such as wedge card readers without any additional integration

Increase your customer’s satisfaction with superior solutions

Support for all Major credit cards
Runs alone or as an application
Software updates at no cost
Fast IP Processing with dial-up backup
Integrates with Quickbooks
Automatic Deposit Options with One Business Day of settling
Ability to Log Receipts with Printing Turned Off
Customer service to you and your customers 24/7 at no additional cost

Not Just Technical – We Provide Sales and Marketing Support

We’re not just about the technical support. Let Reverse My Fees help you with marketing your integrated Reverse My Fees Gateway processing solution too.
We can craft customized materials to meet your company’s needs, as well as help you close the deal. This is all at NO COST to you! Let us handle:

Sales calls: Provide experienced consultants to speak with your customers
Quotes: Analyze and offer a customized quote for their business
Boarding: We manage the entire process for you and the ReverseMyFees
Marketing programs include customized product collateral, web landing page and more