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At Reverse My Fees, we understand starting with a new processor can be a heavy decision to make. This is why we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee! We know there are unscrupulous companies out there that have a habit of not keeping their promises. We are proud to state that we are a tier 1 billion dollar processor without a single complaint. Because of our satisfaction guarantee, clients can sign up with confidence! The following are the three major areas where we guarantee 100% percent satisfaction.

Equipment: We use only certified equipment. If our equipment fails and cannot be repaired on site, we will ship out brand new equipment, overnight!

Program Type: Each client receives a 100% non-conditional guarantee. If the reverse fee program fails to support your business needs, we will switch your program to standard processing while matching or beating your current rates! It costs you nothing to make the switch.

Program Rates: Last but not least, we guarantee our rates! Unlike other companies that offer a “sweetheart deal” to get your business only to later go up on your rates, we guarantee ours! If your rates are not as were explained, we will pay you double the difference!

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